25 Tips for language learners
Studying a language is fun, exciting, challenging and sometimes frustrating. Here are some tips to help keep you on track.
  1. Make a plan.
  2. Never miss a class.
  3. After you get a basic vocabulary, you can build on what you know. One part of a word appears again in another. Make the connections.
  4. Sometimes just listen, expecting nothing, not trying to comprehend.
  5. Find what works for you. It's different for different people. If you learn from studying a grammar book, do it. If conversation comes more easily, focus on that. Any studying you do will help with other parts of the language.
  6. Choose one activity and do it consistently. Write in a diary; watch a weekly sitcom; use flash cards. Whatever it is, just do it and keep doing it—and you will see results!
  7. Relax. Have fun with the language!
  8. Celebrate small victories—the first time you understand a TV series, for example.
  9. Aim high. But don't expect perfection of yourself. You will be disappointed.
  10. Repetition is useful and important. Use the same language over and over. Reread a book or story. Replay a video. Each time, you will learn.
  11. If you really want to communicate, use the words that you know. Simplify. Substitute, if you don't know the exact word.
  12. Learning vocabulary in sets is helpful—shopping words, similar-sounding words, opposites.
  13. Be a parrot! Imitate your teacher when s/he says a difficult sound. Mimic people on TV.
  14. Listen for common phrases. You will get a feel for them, rather than learning them from a book. Pretty soon, you'll be using them too! That's part of the magic.
  15. Expect setbacks and small humiliations. Let go of them fast, and get back on your path.
  16. Take every opportunity to speak the target language.
  17. Review! You'll be surprised at what you've forgotten.
  18. Review! You'll be surprised at what you remember.
  19. Review! You'll be surprised at how easy something seems that was difficult at first.
  20. Sometimes you can just watch TV. Or flip through a magazine. Or listen to music. And you are studying!
  21. Don't be shy—even if you are.
  22. Find someone you feel comfortable talking to.
  23. If you like a song, listen to it a lot and remember it. You will learn some grammar and vocabulary, easily.
  24. Don't compare yourself to others.
  25. As Winston Churchill said, "Never give up!"